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South East (Carrum Downs)

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Private Training

We offer individual 1 on 1 training sessions with our expert coaches, who will design a tailored training program to allow each athlete to raise their game.

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Small Group Training

You can also add 1 to 3 additional players to a private training session for a small group training and receive the same detailed instruction with an additional competitive edge.

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Team Training

Our team-based clinics offer a unique partnership between your team, your head coach, and Hoop City. We work in collaboration with your team’s coaching staff to design, implement and deliver a 60-minute practice session. We cover various aspects of the game, from team offence to team defence to set plays.

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Ball Handling

Our ball handling stations take you through visual workouts, as the videos explain the drill and then track your accuracy & speed. These are skill level specific, from beginner to advanced, so you get to choose your challenge and how hard you want to work.

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Our state of the art shooting bays allow athletes to shoot quality repetitions to improve muscle memory and develop the perfect shot.

The AI technology records every attempt, measuring your shot success, arc and release height. Correct your shooting form and continue your repetitions. Our shooting machines return the ball to you, even when you miss. Putting up 500 shots in 30 minutes is a reality, allowing you to get up more shots than you ever could at home or with a training partner.

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