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Can I bring my own ball?

Hoop City provide state of the art equipment including balls. There is no need to bring your own.

How long can we stay in the facility?

Members can schedule 30 minutes of shooting bay, ball handling station or skill clinics appointments once a day depending on their membership level. In addition, members may also be able to book in to academies, personal training sessions, or participate in camps for additional cost outside of their member benefits.

Do you have sibling or family discounts?

Certain levels of memberships attract family discounts, check out our membership packages for more info.

Can we sign up for a membership online?

Yes, you are able to sign up on-line however we recommend you book in for our free introductory trial visit to allow our friendly & knowledgeable staff explain all the benefits associated to becoming a Hoop City member.

Can I just come in and shoot?

Non-members can still have access to the facility with multi pass and single visit passes available to purchase.

As members, can we just show up to workout without an appointment?

It is always best to schedule your appointment using your phone app or online access. There is no guarantee that you will have space to work out without a scheduled appointment. It is always best to use your login access on our mobile app to schedule your workouts or call the facility to check on court availability.


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