Hoop City U Prep

Hoop City U Prep is our Introductory level for ages 7 years old -11 years old. Prep classes are tailored for athletes just starting on their basketball journey. Learn the basics of basketball from dribbling, shooting form, passing, team work. Our expert coaches will ensure you develop your basic fundamental skills.
Hoop City U Prep

Building a solid foundation

Program Overview

The Prep program is a targeted session for 7-11 Year Old Players with the purpose of continuing to build and grow fundamental skills, which are integral to basketballs in years to come. In this program, athletes will be introduced to small-sided games which are essential to athletic development and decision making.

Skill development

In these sessions, coaches will cover:

  • Footwork + motor skills progression
  • Ball skills (catching, ball control, ball handling, rebounding)
  • Passing skills (stationary, on the move, outside of cylinder - both hands
  • Defensive stance and habits
  • Shooting technique (incl. layups + stationary shooting - close/mid/deep mid)
  • Competition + Small side games (1v1 / 2v1 / 2v2 scenarios)

The rings will be at regulation size, however, athletes will continue to use size 6 basketballs to enable correct and proper habits + techniques.

Session Length

Program session length is 1 hour.

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