Spalding Little Hoopers

Hoop City U Spalding Little Hoopers is for the early hoopers aged 4-6 years old. Utilising games, basketball activities and teaching early basketball terms & knowledge, Spalding Little Hoopers is the perfect start in your basketball journey.
Spalding Little Hoopers

Building a solid foundation

Program Overview

The Little Hoopers program is a targeted session for 4-7 Year Old Players with the aim of providing the basic building blocks, fundamentals and foundations of hoops whilst fostering a love for the game and competition.

Skill development

In these sessions, coaches will cover:

  • Court geography
  • Footwork +motor skills (incl. jumping, running, skipping, striding, pivoting, sliding)
  • Ball skills (catching, ball control, ball handling, rebounding)
  • Passing skills (stationary)
  • Defensive stance and habits
  • Shooting technique (incl. layup breakdowns + stationary shooting)
  • Competition

Session Length

Program session length is 1 hour

Session Cost

$25 per session

$200 multi week enrolment

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