Hoop City U Silver

Hoop City U Silver is for Junior Development aged 11-16. Silver classes are designed for athletes that have a good foundation of basic basketball skills. This class will include combo moves, shooting drills, timing and spacing concepts along with finishing moves.
Hoop City U Silver

Enhancing your foundations

Program Overview

The Silver program is a targeted session for 11-16 Year Old Players with the goal of enhancing player fundamentals to ensure that players have the tools to succeed in competition; and skills required to make high level representative + domestic squads.

Whilst there are several grading bands that exist in Silver; the outcome is a small group session which combines both skill work and competitive play to ensure holistic development is achieved in the athletes.

Skill development

In these sessions, coaches will cover:

  • Footwork + motor skills mastery
  • Ball skills (catching, ball control, ball handling, rebounding)
  • Passing skills (stationary, on the move, outside of cylinder - both hands, dynamic passing)
  • Defensive stance and habits (closeouts/box outs/rebounding techniques)
  • Shooting technique (incl. layup varieties / shooting depth + range)
  • Competition + Small side games (1v1 / 2v1 / 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4 scenarios)

When athletes have achieved a proficiency in the above skills; Hoop City hope that they can make the transition to the Gold Program!

Session Length

The session length is 1 hour

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